Let’s Talk Catholic!

Let’s Talk now by going to our TC Chat Room or check out our TC Curriculum and then leave your questions in our TC QUESTION BOX on our Home Page.
If you would like to be a Holy Voice for Our Lord, the Church and the World please consider being part of a formal “Talk Catholic” Radio or Internet project. Read the following , fill out the website registration form and then FAX ONLY to: 1-877-625-3727


Sincere of Heart!

Talk Catholic invites All Ages to grab the microphone for

Catholic Truth;

What The Church Actually Teaches!


We are an Apostolate seeking to provide authentic Catechism-based teaching for Radio, TV and Internet programs. We are called to open up new doors for the Holy Spirit, to set Jesus’ Truth free, for the

Father’s Will ..all through Mary!

If you are tired of the “bad news” of “ political-correctness, dividing-agendas and ego-power games” then please answer the Holy Father’s Call To All The Baptized,


and share the “Good News” on the new mountaintop of

God’s Airwaves!

We will address contemporary issues in the Light of Scripture and Tradition; topics such as Human Sexuality, Business Ethics, Church History, Family Conflicts, Morality & Media, etc. will all be discussed in a round-table format with a clear distinction of

the Church’s Official Teachings.

You Can Talk Catholic Wherever You Are

No Advanced Degree Required;

Just Passion, Sincerity & Faithfulness!


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