Mission Statement

Talk Catholic is an apostolate dedicated to “sanctifying the secular” in the Trinitarian Spirit of the New Evangelization! We believe firmly in the flip side of that spiritual coin; words (“Good Words”) can often speak much louder than action! Our world suffers not because of the many called to a beautiful silent prayerful witness of the Faith but rather the greater majority “in the world” who fail to share their holy identity as a lamp to everyone. Talk Catholic will only offer authentically Catholic adult and youth ministry programs and guest presentations as a holy voice or theological library for talk-radio, internet, television, or any other “airwave” for our Lord; especially Parishes, Schools, Homes, Restaurants,…even the Driving Range! Talk Catholic believes that everyone has some special ability to “click their heels” to fulfill Jesus’ command and one’s Church obligation (Canon Law 211) not just to keep the faith but to spread it…


We apply the true meaning of “Catholic” (Universal) in the Spirit of St. Paul to include all brothers and sisters on this earth! We are proud and only passionate to present authentic-Catechism-based-Church Teaching; no divisions, no agendas, no political correctness…just Catholic with enthusiasm! We urge regular guys and gals to consider their true calling to hear St. Peter’s own words and be “ready to give an account of the faith that is in you”. A true scholar in faith is not necessarily a Ph.D. or M.Ed. but rather a faithful, sincere of heart, soul-searcher who wants to know and do God’s Will! No matter your state in life or occupation, you can “talk catholic” wherever you are. It is out of total respect for the rights and dignity of all God’s children that we desire for consideration, prayer and lifelong service the One, Holy, Apostolic Faith as the straightest way home for…


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