Tim Kilcoyne, M.Ed, a Roman Catholic, holds academic degrees in Theology, Developmental Psychology and Religious Education from Boston College. He has taught courses in Scripture, Church History, Sacraments, Morality, Social Justice and English. Having worked as a Boys Home Counselor, High School Teacher and Director of Youth Ministry, Tim now broadens the scope of his lay ministry to include everyone. Let the Talk Catholic Everywhere be exactly that place of genuine Catholic Teaching, conversation and love.

Let Tim set a place for you at a parish, school, club or home!

Talk Catholic, Everywhere!
References: (1998 onwards)

From the Church’s Leadership:

“The purpose of this letter is to introduce Mr Timothy Kilcoyne and his programs offering Catholic Adult Education. Both of Mr Kilcoyne’s programs ( & are authentically Catholic giving us new approaches to seeking and nurturing a genuine relationship with our Lord. (TalkCatholic) covers a vast array of theological selections for “kitchen table” discussion, and in Fairways To Faith he has integrated his love for golf as a Golf Professional with his love for Jesus.
Thank you you for your consideration of Timothy Kilcoyne as you think about ways in which to offer programs of adult education in your parish.
In the Merciful Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Most Reverend Emilio S. Allue, S.D.B. (Auxiliary Bishop, Lowell, MA)

“I was deeply impressed and moved by the enthusiasm and dedication you bring to your work as an evangelizer…I commend you for zeal in reaching out to all who will listen in order to make a difference in the lives of the faithful. May God grant you success as you continue with your important work of evangelization. Know that you are in my prayers.
Asking God to bless you and with every best wish, I am,
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend James C. Timlin, D.D. (Bishop of the Diocese of Scranton, PA)

“Tim Kilcoyne’s program is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to grow in their faith. Tim is well educated in theology and presents his material in an attractive, practical and professional manner. He is always faithful to the magisterium of the Church. I recommend his program for anyone who seeks to grow in their knowledge and love of God and the Church.”
Tim, “I appreciate your work here these past few years. You are indeed dedicated to evangelizing the adult laity of the Church, for which you will be blessed.
Be assured of my prayers for your ministry and may you remain faithful to the Lord and His Church. May the blessings of Almighty God be with you always.
Monsignor Lawrence E. Burns, Pastor
St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Portsmouth, NH

“As Discussion Leader, Tim has demonstrated quality leadership skills including an animated style of moderating, keeping people focused and involved. He has been dependable and punctual and I particularly admire his courage and determination.”
Rev. Dennis Arambasick, OFM, Diocese of Manchester, NH

“Tim, we’re doing it all backwards you know. We spend all our time teaching children and blessing adults. Jesus spent most of His time teaching adults and blessing children. Keep going!”

Gerri Buffo, Program Director, Franciscan Center, Andover, MA

From the Students:
” As someone who was raised Catholic, but had drifted away, ( was just what I
needed to return to the Church. The sessions were as informative as they were inspirational. I was able to resume an education that had unfortunately ended after my Confirmation. Discussion, humor, fellowship and presentations, all in affirmation of Church Teaching are just what we need. Tim provides this in a manner that all can benefit from: young and old, devout and “cradle”, or returning- like me.”
Tim Jordan, Rye, NH

“ I really feel I must add, that I have found Tim’s program to be
an especially important outlet and opportunity to engage Catholic fellowship at a level I
have never before experienced. As a lapsed Catholic experiencing the “New Springtime” (as foretold by the Holy Father), through the grace of a startling spiritual encounter, the
” kitchen table”discussions were the first opportunities to testify to my deepening faith in our Lord and encounter with what the Church really teaches. ( has not only been a great educational resource, it has allowed me to begin my practice of evangelization.
I not only highly recommend Tim and his programs but I extend to him my sincere and deep gratitude.”
Dr. Matthew Thomas McDonnell, Wells, ME

“During the fall and winter, I attended a 7-week series on the Catholic Catechism and my
daughters (ages 15 and 18) and I attended a 7-week series on Human Sexuality. Each
session’s format offered timely video clips, excerpts from pertinent literature and lively
discussions shared by all…As a Roman Catholic, my faith sustains my every day life. God’s graces come to us through many avenues. Tim’s program has given me an additional source of nourishment and enrichment. All sincere of heart will feel most welcome!”

Laura McNaughton, York, ME
This letter is written to express my appreciation and praise for the many enlightening sessions given by Tim at our parish.Tim was always well prepared and loaded with interesting and well thought out discussion topics and case studies. Weunderstand and are concerned about how little teaching is focused on adult Catholics, to the detriment of Catholics in general and their children. ( should be a model for our parishes.”
Very truly yours,
Theresa Gorey, Andover,MA

“His love for the Church and his Lord showed through with his presentations. He got me on fire with my love for the Church and Christ also. What a gift we have in him!”
Steve Hogarty, Andover, MA

Academic-Teaching/ Youth Ministry
St.Bonaventure High School, 1990 to 1994, Ventura, CA ;

“Mr Timothy Kilcoyne has been employed by Saint Bonaventure High School since Sept.1, l990. He taught full time classes including Church History, Sacraments, Morality and Social Justice. He has faced the challenge very well and has proven to be a very effective teacher. I wish Tim every success.”
Br. Paulinus Horkan, O.S.F., Principal

“In my capacity as Dean of Curriculum, I have observed that Tim has a thorough knowledge of philosophy, theology and psychology and he utilizes this information to create an excellent rapport between himself and his students. He possesses excellent people skills and I recommend him in either a teaching or management capacity.”
Kathleen Dupuis, Dean of Curriculum

“As a member of the Religion Department, Tim has been more than willing to share experiences and to express ideas to further improve the educational atmosphere. Possessing a pleasant personality, Tim has blended well with other faculty members. He has also demonstrated a genuine personal concern for the students, a quality that is of the utmost importance in working with young people.”
Sincerely yours,
Pat Hayes, Vice Principal

“Tim Kilcoyne was a member of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, Santa Barbara, CA for several years. Tim is a fine young Catholic gentleman who knows his faith very well and practices it in an exemplary manner. His performance of his duties at this parish as a teacher and guide for our youth was most satisfactory. It will not be an easy job to find a replacement of the caliber of Tim Kilcoyne. I can recommend him without qualification.”
Very Sincerely Yours,
Rev.Carl Laubacher, S.J., Pastor

Continued References: Academic -Teaching/Youth Ministry
Cheverus High School, 1995 to 1997, Portland, ME ;

“Mr Kilcoyne is an outstanding classroom teacher, who continually challenges his students. One of Mr Kilcoyne’s most admirable strengths as a teacher is his special ability to earn his students respect while he, at the same time, remains well liked and appreciated by them. Mr Kilcoyne is a wonderful role model who exhibits professionalism, a deep faith in God and kindness every day. I respect him immensely for his integrity and commitment.
John Mullen, Principal

“Tim is a very personable and dynamic person who has a facility for critiqueing modern film and music in light of the Gospel and using sports analogies well to talk about one’s growth in Christ. This was part of his Master’s Thesis (A Theology of Sports) I do strongly recommend Tim Kilcoyne.”
Rev. John Michalowski, S.J., Chairman-Theology Dept.

“I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation in support of Timothy J.Kilcoyne.Tim cares very sincerely for his students and their welfare. He has gone out of his way to inquire about specific student situations and has kept troubled students in his prayers.I would say that Tim is a man of genuine personal faith who seeks to live that faith as fully as possible.I feel his presence in any area would be a blessing and a source of encouragement to youth and adults.I recommend him most highly.
Mary Campbell, Dir. of Guidance
Boston College/ BA, 1977 to 1981 & M.Ed., 1985 to 1987


“I have known this young man since his student days at Boston College. He is a delightful person, extremely personable and thoroughly wholesome. To my mind, he is the type of person which Boston College desires to send forth into the community. I do not hesitate to give him anything but the highest recommendation.
Rev. James O’Donohoe, Associate Professor of Theology

“Mr Timothy Kilcoyne was one of the best students in my (Pl.538)Law, Business & Society class. He was particularly interested in legal ethics. As a student he proved himself to be extremely competent, not only through his active participation in class discussion, but also through the consistent high quality of his written works. I feel confident in recommending him for Graduate Study in Theology without any reservation.
Sincerely Yours,
Francis Soo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy

“Tim is an intelligent and articulate individual with an above average ability to bring together diverse strands of thought. He has a good backround in the Liberal Arts and a solid fund of general knowledge. His written work is clear and persuasive. I recommend him highly.
William K. Kilpatrick, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology

As Mr Kilcoyne’s academic advisor (Boston College/ M.Ed. in Rel. Ed., Masters Thesis: A Theology of Sports, 1987) and having served as a reader and member of the oral examination board for his comprehensive examination, I have had the opportunity to know something of his hopes and dreams and human development. Mr Kilcoyne’s unique commitment to help promote the religious development of young adults and his realization of the religious dimension of striving for athletic excellence as an instrument for the general search for excellence and specifically as an encounter with God is a special feature of his vision.
I recommend Mr Kilcoyne. He is bright, caring, personable, theologically and pastorally competent and a faithful Christian. Every best wish,
Padraic O’Hare, Ph.D. Merrimack College, N. Andover, MA


    I am truly humbled and deeply grateful for the many kind words extended through the years. It is much more a tribute to the power of the Holy Trinity! It’s a short journey, really, and All Things Are Possible if we work together in His Mystical Body. The Best Credential is Faithfulness in Mission for Jesus! Home you know, is where His Heart is…and Yours!
Open A Door For Someone To Get There Every Day!…that’s what this is all about; not me! God Bless You!!!

My Spiritual Advisors Include;

Sr. Emmanuel & Sr. Miguel
Poor Clares, Santa Barbara, CA

Br. Alphonsus Marie,
Slaves of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Still River, MA

Tom Bones
Secular Augustinian, Berwyn, PA

Br. John Raymond,
Monks of Adoration, Venice, FL

Gerri Buffo
Franciscan Center, Andover, MA

Fr. John Brady,
Society of Jesus, Los Angeles, CA

Fr. Carl Laubacher
Society of Jesus, Ojai, CA

…truly spiritual heavyweights
who take “un-ceasing prayer” to its highest level in Christ Jesus! .
They AreTruly, AWESOME!!!

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